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Beginner Basics – Why Should We Understand the Histogram? (preview)

©Viktoria Haack
Winter wedding shot. Model: Stephanie

Photography is my primary means of artistic expression. I have learned the technical aspects, purely as a way to extend my creative ability and fulfill the need to express myself. The mechanical processes of photography have never held too much interest for me, but as my experience has grown, I’ve come to realize that technical knowledge helps expand my artistic vision and gives me greater versatility to create the images I envision.


Initially I avoided trying to understand the histogram as I’ve always struggled with mathematical concepts and it seemed too technical for me to grasp. However, as my journey with photography has progressed, I have realized its usefulness as a tool to understanding the tonal values of my images.

Read more to gain insightful knowledge and use of the histogram, and to read more of this not-to-miss issue please pick up the Winter 2018 issue today online or at your local newsstand. To never miss an issue you can subscribe here

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Article by Viktoria Haack

Viktoria Haack is a regular contributor to Outdoor Photography Canada. Her column "Beginner Basics" covers the topics that every new photographer should consider. She believes in ‘treading lightly’ with her assignments, observing light, weather conditions and, when shooting people, finding the subtle visual story.

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