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Beginner Basics — What Kind of Photographer am I? (preview)

©Viktoria Haack
Rainbow, BC
Settings: 17mm focal length, ƒ16@1/15 sec., ISO 100

Story and photography by Viktoria Haack

Within the photography world there seems to be the expectation that one will be a specialist in a particular field: ‘I am a landscape photographer’, ‘I’m a wedding photographer’.


I often receive emails or direct messages via social media from photographers who have been made to feel lacking in some way by not having narrowed down their chosen field. I am writing this in the hope that those of you who do not yet know which direction you wish to take, or those that may never come to a final decision, might feel that they are not alone or are wrong in their choice. 

Throughout my academic life I enjoyed the narrowing down of subject matter. By the time I reached degree level I continued to enjoy this refinement to the point that I could state that my field of specialist knowledge within my Anthropology/Art History degree, was the use of colour in the Inca empire.

For some reason however the same cannot be said for my photographic career. Instead of narrowing down my subject matter I preferred to explore different styles and genres. My photographic subjects are broad and diverse. I guess I could be termed ‘a generalist’.

Social media does not like broad diversity of imagery. Followers like to know just what …

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Article by Viktoria Haack

Viktoria Haack is a regular contributor to Outdoor Photography Canada. Her column "Beginner Basics" covers the topics that every new photographer should consider. She believes in ‘treading lightly’ with her assignments, observing light, weather conditions and, when shooting people, finding the subtle visual story.

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