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Beginner Basics — Take More Images Than You Think You Need (preview)

Modern cameras introduce an entirely different shooting mentality to photographers. In the days of film, photographers would associate every click of the shutter with money being spent. In the modern era of photography, memory cards are inexpensive and camera shutters are resilient; a photographer can take as many images as they want! In many scenarios, it’s very valuable to take more photographs than you ever thought you would need.


One of the first learning tools I discovered was my own photographs. Getting my images back home, I reviewed my work and was often a very disparaging critic. While I would try to be constructive in my opinions, I started wishing I had taken a closer look while I was “in the field” doing landscape work. Each photograph can serve as a stepping stone to a better image. Take a critical look at your compositions when you’re shooting and ask yourself, then and there, if any way exists to improve upon it.

This technique drastically shortens your feedback for learning purposes, and every photographer should critique their own work in the field. That being said, you mustn’t cross the line from assessing your images to missing the shot.

©Don Komarechka Black wasp

©Don Komarechka
Black wasp


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