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Advanced Shooter — Do We Need a Code of Ethics in Nature Photography? (preview)

©Darwin Wiggett
Photographer at Rampart Ponds – Banff National Park, AB

Story and photography by Darwin Wiggett

Every week there’s another story in the news or on social media about photographers behaving badly out in nature. I’ve read about people making selfies up close and personal with roadside bears, defacing rock formations with graffiti in national parks and setting up staged camps at iconic overlooks where camping is clearly not allowed (e.g. on the edge of Table Rock at Niagara Falls). Going off-trail in restricted areas, grooming vegetation for a “clean” shot and trampling sensitive areas just to get the shot is more and more commonplace. The pressure to capture unique views and daring escapades has bred a culture in photography that values social media “likes” over impact on nature. With the amount of elbowing and positioning, and even the occasional fisticuffs, a sunrise or sunset shoot at an iconic location can feel more like a college football game between local rivals than a photo shoot! I’m sure that most of you reading this have experienced or seen this kind of rude behaviour in the field.


In this issue Darwin discusses the need for a more ethical approach to image taking by everyone, pros and hobbyists alike.

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